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Cultures are highly complex systems of social influences. Cultural analysis makes it possible to tap into both the visible and less visible influences that shape behavior. The Cultural Analysis Toolkit features quantitative and qualitative tools in the form of surveys and an interview protocol that assess cultural support for health and productivity. These field-tested tools are used in the initial assessment and the ongoing evaluation of culture change initiatives.

  • The Lifegain Wellness Culture Survey asks employees about: (1) shared wellness values, (2) wellness norms, (3) formal and informal policies and procedures (touch points), (4) peer support, and (5) work climate. The anonymous survey also asks about lifestyle change goals. It examines recent lifestyle change goals as well as lifestyle change success. An automated survey system generates a comprehensive report and a summary PowerPoint presentation.

  • Cultural Support Interviews gather qualitative input on existing cultural strengths. The interview protocol asks for input needed to refine culture change initiatives. Employee input on how best to address culture change strategies is integrated into an overall plan for change.

  • The Work Climate Survey assesses three social climate factors (sense of community, shared vision and positive outlook). Climate is a key determinant of personal and organizational growth.

  • The Personal Wellness StrengthsBuilder assesses individual personal support systems, lifestyle improvement interests, lifestyle strengths, and life improvement knowledge and skills. This strengths-based approach to personal assessment empoers individuals and organizations to move forward.

  • The WellnessNow Survey assists in the creation of a local wellness resource directory. It gathers information about the best local people, places and organizations for staying fit, eating well, managing stress, pursuing personal growth, and healthy healthy fun with family and friends.

  • The Wellness Leadership Survey gathers employee feedback on management’s efforts to create supportive environments. The survey asks about four primary wellness leadership responsibilities: (1) sharing the wellness vision, (2) serving as a wellness role model, (3) aligning formal and informal policies and procedures, and (4) monitoring and celebrating success.

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