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Three social climate factors―a sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook―play important roles in individual and organizational wellbeing.The three factors have a large impact on lifestyle improvement success, life expectancy, resilience, recovery from illness, creativity, personal performance, and quality of life. Organizations with strong social climates function more effectively. Innovation, customer satisfaction and productivity are just some of the many benefits of a socially cohesive group.

The toolkit includes:

  • The Well Engaged Action Tracker tracks and celebrates efforts to strengthen the social fabric of a workgroup (e.g., sense of community, shared organizational vision, and positive outlook)
  • The Work Climate Survey and report which assesses the current social climate and helps set goals for improving the sense of community, shared vision and positive outlook
  • A customizable presentation on what social climate is, why it is important, and what can be done to improve it
  • The Social Climate StrengthsBuilder, a tool for examining current strengths and for developing strategies for change. The StrengthsBuilder draws upon a database of field-tested initiatives that have been useful in building trust, overcoming negativity and addressing other climate challenges
  • The original groundbreaking social climate research report, first published in the American Journal of Health Promotion., It serves as a reference on the important role of social climate in culture change.
  • The Working Well movie which features testimonials from four diverse work groups that have successfully integrated a sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook into their organizational cultures

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