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Wellness Leadership Toolkit

The Wellness Leadership Toolkit empowers executives, managers, wellness committees and other wellness enthusiasts to foster cultural environments that support healthy lifestyles. The toolkit develops leaders' capacity to promote wellness by: (1) sharing the wellness vision, (2) serving as effective role models, (3) aligning formal and informal policies and procedures called cultural touch points, and (4) monitoring and celebrating success.

The toolkit includLeaes:

  • The Lead Well Action Tracker tracks and celebrates managers' and wellness champions' efforts to foster healthy cultures.
  • The Well Planned Action Tracker tracks and celebrates efforts to systematically address a culture change goal, such as creating a supportive environment for physical activity.
  • The Wellness Leadership Training – available in classroom and online formats – teaches leaders how to: (1) create a shared wellness vision, (2) serve as role models, (3) align formal and informal policies and practices, and (4) monitor and celebrate success.
  • The Wellness Leadership book and movie reinforce the leadership skill-set.

A white paper explains the Wellness Leadership approach and why it is so important to wellness program success.

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