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In 1987, the Human Resources Institute was at a crossroads. For more than 30 years, we had been offering culture change consulting services with excellent results. At one point we had more than 100 consultants working on groundbreaking organizational and community projects. However, our reach was limited by our emphasis on consulting. In addition, our founder (Robert Allen, Ph.D.) died suddenly of a heart attack. It seemed likely that his lifespan (58 years) had been cut short by his consulting schedule. It felt like a good time to examine our mix of products and services.

Since 1987, we have developed training systems, books and other resources that make it possible to have a large and positive impact with fewer employees. Consulting now makes up a much smaller percentage of our business. We now partner with independent consultants and consulting groups by empowering them to use our culture change approach. We also assist clients in addressing their environments. This better matches our belief that groups and organizations should be in a position to create the cultural environments they want and need.

Healthyculture.com is part of our strategy for making our successful culture change approach widely available. This website features many culture change resources previously available only through our consulting services. We leverage technology and strategic partnerships in order to remain a small company with a large and positive impact. We do our work in a spirit of partnership. We understand that the best work will be done together.

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