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Leadership support is essential to the success of wellness initiatives. The Lead Well Action Tracker is an online system for tracking and recognizing more than 25 wellness leadership actions. It is compatible with smart phones, tablets and computers. It is designed for executives, managers, supervisors, wellness committee members, and wellness champions.

Lead Well actions are grouped into four categories of wellness leadership strategies:

  • Sharing the Wellness Vision with Your Employees
  • Being a Role Model for Wellness
  • Aligning Policies and Practices with Wellness
  • Tracking and Celebrating Wellness Success

Participants use the action tracker to report each wellness leadership action they take. After participants submit action(s), they see a report that summarizes their work to date. The report ranks their efforts among other wellness leaders in the organization. Gold, silver and bronze Lead Well awards are granted to participants depending on the total number of actions they complete in various categories.

Participants learn more about each wellness leadership strategy from follow-up emails. Emails include excerpts from the Wellness Leadership book and movie. The Wellness Leadership Training, in classroom format or online, is available as a standalone program or to complement the Lead Well Action Tracker.

Pricing: $750 per year for up to 250 participants.
Call (802) 862-8855 to discuss pricing for larger numbers of participants or for multiple settings.

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