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Peer support is a flexible and powerful strategy for helping people achieve their wellness goals. In addition to improving people’s chances of success, mutual assistance reinforces wellness knowledge and skills, enhances the wellness support system, and raises self-esteem.

Well Buddy Action Tracker is an online system (for smart phone, tablet and computer) that tracks and celebrates over 30 peer support actions for healthy lifestyles. Well Buddy Action Tracker was created to enhance the quantity and quality of mutual support for achieving goals such as getting fit, losing weight, managing stress, and addressing addictive habits.

Participants choose a coworker, friend, or family member to be their Well Buddy. Well Buddies determine when and how often to meet to discuss their wellness goals. Participants need not have the same goals; any wellness goal counts.

Well Buddy Action Tracker features seven peer support strategies:
Helping to…

  1. Establish a Foundation for Mutual Support
  2. Set Wellness Goals
  3. Identify Wellness Role Models
  4. Eliminate Barriers to Change
  5. Locate Supportive Environments
  6. Work Through Setbacks
  7. Celebrate Wellness Success

Participants use the action tracker to report each action they take. After participants submit action(s), they see a report that summarizes their work to date. The report ranks their efforts among other participants. Gold, silver and bronze Well Buddy awards are granted to participants depending on the total number of actions they complete in various categories.

Participants learn more about each peer support strategy from follow-up emails. Emails include excerpts from the Healthy Habits, Helpful Friends book and With a Little Help from My Friends movie. (Note: Our Wellness Mentor Training, in classroom format or online, is available as a standalone program or to complement the Well Buddy Action Tracker).

Pricing: $750 per year including up to 250 participants and an aggregate report.
Call (802) 862-8855 to discuss pricing for larger numbers of participants or for multiple settings.

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