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Edington Associates is health management research and consulting organization that assists in the creation of organizational health strategy with measurable outcomes. The Edington System takes three decades of best practices of research, consultation and collaboration by Dr. Dee Edington at the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center to the critical next step for organizations. The Human Resources Institute and Edington Associates team up for projects in complex organizations seeking to increase leadership support and create healthy cultures.

Health Improvement Solutions is a research and consulting firm dedicated to assisting organizations with health and productivity goals. Joe Luetzinger, Ph.D., the Principal of Health Improvement Solutions, is teaming up with Healthyculture.com to develop the Wellness Leadership Dashboard an online system for providing executives, middle-managers and wellness committees feedback needed to establish and achieve organizational wellness goals. Dr. Leutzinger was instrumental in deploying the Wellness Mentor Program and Lifegain Health Culture Audit at Union Pacific Railroad. View white paper about our work.

Holtyn & Associates has provided health promotion services to more than 400 companies. Clients that have implemented the group's unique One to One Worksite Wellness Program have demonstrated a 50 percent reduction in cardiovascular disease risk for periods of up to 14 years. Holtyn & Associates has also received numerous awards from a wide variety of organizations, including the State of Michigan Governors Award, the American Heart Association and the C. Everett Koop National Health Award for Excellence in Health Promotion. Holtyn & Associates is using culture change assessment tools to guide the work of worksite wellness committees. They are partnering with their clients and the Human Resources Institute to report on best culture change practices. View white paper about our work.

SeR PSICOLOGIA has adapted the Wellness Mentoring model for use in Brazil. The peer support model is now being used in over 2,000 companies. A new initiative to adapt the Wellness Leadership training for use in Brazil is now underway.

The American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP) is a peer-reviewed research publication dedicated to the art and science of health promotion. AJHP has been responsible for the publication of Healthyculture.com’s health promotion research. In addition to journal articles, culture-based health promotion chapters have been featured in AJHP’s newsletter, The Art of Health Promotion, and in AJHP’s book, Health Promotion in the Workplace.

Wellness Africa has developed African Wellness products & services which focus on identifying the existing culture and enhancing it to a wellness culture for the individual and/or organization. The Human Resources Institute has been working with Wellness Africa to adapt leadership training and cultural assessments for use in Southern Africa.

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