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New Initiatives

Leading for Purpose Book and Training
We want our lives to matter. Organizational goals can be an important source of purpose. The culture of the organizations can also support people in their pursuit of personal purposes and passions that fall outside of work. We are developing strategies and tools to support organizations seeking to create supportive environments for purpose (both individual purpose and organizational purpose).

  • A new book is available, Leading for Purpose: How to Help Your People and Your Organization Benefit from the Pursuit of Purpose. More info

  • A training is available for leaders interested in creating supportive cultural environments for purpose.

Healty Culture Action Trackers
Action Trackers are online tools that track and celebrate efforts to support healthy cultures. They are optimized for smart phones, tablets and computers. Participants record their actions, and then see a progress report on their actions to date and how their efforts compare with their peers. Depending on the number of actions they achieve, participants receive bronze, silver and gold awards. Aggregate data and reports make it possible to track actions at the organizational level. It is also possible to generate descriptions and photos associated with best practices for each action. We have developed two new online systems for tracking and celebrating efforts to foster healthy cultures. Employees can play positive roles in fostering healthy cultures. This Action Tracker celebrates employees' efforts to:

  • Assist a coworker, family member or friend in his or her efforts to live a healthier lifestyle (such as helping a peer set wellness goals, find a good role model, eliminate a barrier to change, locate a supportive environment, work through a setback or celebrate progress).

  • Create a more supportive home environment (such as taking a healthy vacation together, enjoying a healthy household tradition or discussing how your household could better support personal wellness goals).

  • Use community wellness resources (such as participating in a walking, biking or running event, shopping at a farmer’s market or dining at a healthy restaurant).

Managers and wellness champions must effectively support healthy cultures. This Action Tracker celebrates their efforts to:

  • Explain the wellness initiative, why it is important and how employees can participate.

  • Be a good wellness role model (such as participating in a worksite wellness activity or publically pursuing a personal wellness goal).
    Do something to better align informal and formal policies and practices with wellness (such as encouraging employees to take their breaks and do something active away from their work areas).

  • Honor what people are doing for wellness (for example, quietly congratulating someone on progress in achieving a wellness goal or acknowledging something your workgroup did that was particularly healthy).

  • Use wellness activities to create a better work atmosphere (such as eating a healthy snack together, joining in a fitness break or organizing a group stress management activity).

  • Create and implement a strategic wellness plan (steps include: (1) setting workgroup wellness goals, (2) communicating the goals, (3) aligning policies and practices with the goals, and (4) determining how success will be tracked and celebrated).

Learn more about Healthy Culture Action Trackers

The Healthy Culture Research and Education Foundation funds studies of interventions designed to create wellness cultures at work, among friends, at home and in the community. Our first study will examine the impact of Wellness Culture Coaching at 20 hospitals. This will be the first prospective longitudinal study of efforts to create healthier cultures.

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