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A Family Guide to Wellness: Creating a family wellness culture that supports healthy lifestyles
By Judd Allen, Ph.D.


A Family Guide to Wellness is a new book about creating a family culture that supports healthy lifestyles. Our relationships with parents, children, grandparents, siblings, spouses, and other relatives are we learn and model. The book offers a step-by-step appraoch to building a family wellness culture that makes the healthy choice the easier choice.

$14.95 plus $5 shipping. Call (802) 862-8855 for volume pricing.

Table of Contents
The Family and Wellness Connection
Topic 1: Getting Comfortable with Family Wellness
Topic 2: Seeing Your Unique Family System
Topic 3: Developing Your Family’s Wellness Story
Topic 4: Choosing Family Wellness Norms
Topic 5: Aligning Cultural Touch Points
Topic 6: Mobilizing Peer Support
Topic 7: Strengthening the Family Social Climate
Topic 8: Keeping Relationships Healthy
Topic 9: Benefiting from Community Resources
Topic 10: Coming Together for Wellness
Appendix: Copy of Family Member Wellness Portrait Form
Appendix: Copy of Family Wellness Norm Indicator
Appendix: Copy of Cultural Touch Points Indicator
Appendix: Copy of Family Social Climate Indicator

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