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Survey Sub-Reports and Multi-Year Analysis
By Judd Allen, Ph.D. with assistance from Rodney McCormick, Ph.D.

Most cultures are comprised a number of subcultures. These subcultures have different wellness strengths and challenges. For this reason, it is frequently helpful to provide reports based on a particular employee group, department or setting. The graphs and tables in the sub-reports are specific to the reponses of the group. Such sub-reports can also compare the findings of a particular group with the findings of other groups or the those for the entire organization. The feedback offered in the sub-reports can be more meaningful in that the results are directly attributable to the responses from employees in the subculture.

Multi-year comparison help track progress over time.This is partucularly valuable in celebrating success and in planning additional culture change efforts. Multi-year reports include tables and graphs that compare current and past survey findings. Statistical tests of signifacnt differences are also included in the report to determine when findings fall outside of what might be attributable to random fluctuations in the data.

$500 per report.

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