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Beat the System Book Cover

Beat the System: A Way to Create More Human Environments

By Robert F. Allen, Ph.D. & Charlotte Kraft

Ever wonder how culture determines nearly every aspect of the human condition? Not only does this book reveal the power of culture, but it also offers a practical, systematic approach to creating supportive community and organizational cultures. Beat the System provides a cultural analysis of a broad range of concerns from environmental care, to violence, to education, to the vitality of families. This book reveals how cultural obstacles prevent us from achieving lasting and desired change. Five case studies illustrate the Normative Systems Culture Change Process as it has been applied to juvenile delinquency, migrancy, litter and bureaucracy. Appendices include a listing of more than 100 culture change project applications as well as a "Cultural Norm Indicator for Families" and a "Cultural Norm Indicator for Organizations."

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Table of Contents
Introduction: Becoming Free in an Unfree World
Understanding Cultural Influences
The Power of Norms
Not by Accident Alone
Individual Destruction
Institutional Failure
The Culture Trap
Cultural Obstacles to Change
A False Dichotomy and the Incongruent Culture
The Fulcrum: It Doesn't Have to Be that Way
It Takes a System to Beat a System
Openning the Culture Trap

Knowing Where You are and Where You're Going
Instruments for Understanding Cultures and Planning Change
Introducing Change
Making a Difference
Keeping It Going
The Normative Systems Model
From Delinquency to Freedom
Migrancy Defeated
Changing the Litter Culture
Trouble in Paradise
A Program that Failed

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