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Bringing Wellness Home Book Cover

Bringing Wellness Home: How to Create a Household Subculture that Supports Wellness Lifestyle Goals
By Judd Allen, Ph.D. with assistance from William Baun, MA

Bringing Wellness Home is for anyone living with others. This unique approach is a big step up from the traditional “go it alone” strategies that are likely to achieve only temporary or partial change. Bringing Wellness Home guides efforts to choose household wellness norms, develop a shared vision of a healthy household subculture, align cultural influences such as traditions and rewards with wellness, offer effective peer support for healthy lifestyle goals, foster healthy household relationships.

$14.95 plus $5 shipping. Call (802) 862-8855 for volume pricing.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Wellness at Home
Chapter 2: Creating a Shared Wellness Vision
Chapter 3: Aligning Cultural Touch Points
Chapter 4: Peer Support
Chapter 5: A Social Climate for Growth
Chapter 6: Inspirational Household Wellness Stories
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