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Bringing Wellness Home Training Manual Cover

Bringing Wellness Home Book Cover

Bringing Wellness Home Training

By Judd Allen, Ph.D.

Online Bringing Wellness Home Training teaches how to engage your housemates in creating a household culture that supports health and vitality. This training is about becoming an effective wellness champion at home. Participants learn how to:

  • Organize household conversations about wellness.
  • Establish a shared vision for household wellness.
  • Make healthy living the norm.
  • Provide effective peer support for lifestyle improvement
  • Use wellness to strengthen relationships.

The training includes reading and expert feedback on written assignments. Participants e-mail reports about their leadership efforts for feedback. Each of theĀ five training units takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Registration includes a copy of the Healthy Habits, Helpful Friends book. Group enrollment discounts are available.

$95. Call (802) 862-8855 for volume pricing or to schedule Classroom-Style Training.

Recommended follow up tool:
The Well at Home Action Tracker tracks and celebrates efforts to foster a wellness culture at home.

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