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Culture Change Process

Culture Change Training

Many of the most pressing and challenging health and productivity goals would best be achieved in a supportive cultural environment. Participants in the Culture Change Training learn a framework for cultural analysis and change that is based on several hundred culture change applications that have been developed over the past 50 years. Training participants will be invited to pick culture change problem and then be supported in developing a systematic culture change strategy for addressing that problem.

Online training is $295. Call (802) 862-8855 for volume pricing or to schedule Classroom-Style Training.

Each course unit features strategies for analyzing and changing a cultural dimension. The general framework used in the course is outlined in The Culture Change Planner. There are eleven training units. Each will require approximately an hour to complete. Throughout the training, participants are asked to prepare mini-reports on their assessment of their setting's culture. They will also report on plans for addressing the issues they have identified. Your professor, Dr. Judd Allen, will provide feedback on unit assignments. This will help training participants to develop an effective strategy for their project settings.

As a result of the Culture Change Training, participants will be able to:

  • Site evidence for the benefits of healthy and productive cultures
  • Tell the history of the culture change approach
  • Examine the role of cultural values in health and productivity
  • Examine the role cultural norms on health and productivity
  • Identify 10 cultural touch points and how they can influence health and productivity
  • Examine the role of peer support on health and productivity
  • Examine the role of cultural climate on health and productivity
  • Tailor a four-phase process of systematic culture change

Recommended follow up tool:
The Well Planned Action Tracker tracks and celebrates efforts to systematically address a culture change goal, such as creating a supportive environment for physical activity.

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