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With a Little Help From My Friends Movie Cover

With a Little Help From My Friends Movie
Produced by: The Human Resources Institute in cooperation with Vermont Public Television, the University of Vermont and Fletcher-Allen Health Care.

Without adequate support, the vast majority of efforts to adopt healthier lifestyle practices fail. The support of coworkers, family and friends is essential to lasting lifestyle change. This movie teaches effective peer support strategies including how to help set goals, identify role models, eliminate barriers to change, locate supportive environments, work through relapse and celebrate success. The movie is ideal both for those planning their own personal change and for those seeking to support others in their efforts to adopt healthier lifestyle practices.

$95 plus $5 shipping and handling.

Features Peer support is seen through the eyes of five men and women who have stopped smoking, adopted regular exercise, managed stress, overcome obesity, cut alcohol and other drug abuse, rebuild careers and achieved new levels of mutual respect in their relationships. Their success stories reveal how support, when combined with initiative, can result in lasting and positive lifestyle change. The single DVD includes 21-minute and 7-minute versions.

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