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Leading for Purpose: How to Help Your People and Your Organization Benefit from the Pursuit of Purpose
By Judd Allen, Ph.D. and Donald B. Ardell

Although the vast majority of people are actively pursuing personal purpose, few or our purposes can be fulfilled without support. Our connections to family, work, nature, religion, friends, social organizations and community help us pursue and sustain purpose. Leading for Purpose offers a comprehensive approach to supporting purpose in groups, businesses, and community organizations.

  • Leading for Purpose reviews research findings that make the case that supporting peoples’ passions and purposes is important to individual wellbeing and organizational success.
  • Leading for Purpose offers 26 policies and practices that have been effective in supporting individual purpose in businesses and organizations.
  • Leading for Purpose explains how to align organizational culture with a shared purpose.
  • Leading for Purpose offers strategies for strengthening the social climate (factors such as the sense of community, shared vision and positive outlook).  
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Table of Contents

The Role of Leadership in Supporting Purpose
Making the Case for Supporting Purpose
Strategic Opportunities for Supporting Purpose
Cultural Analysis and Purpose

Aligning Culture with Purpose
Creating the Right Social Climate for Purpose
Together for Purpose
Appendix: Assessing Support for Purpose

Appendix: Assessing Social Climate
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