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Lifegain Book Cover

Lifegain: The Exciting New Program that Will Change Your Health and Your Life

By Robert F. Allen, Ph.D. with Shirley Linde

Lifegain offers its readers a culture- based process for achieving healthier and more productive lifestyles. Lifegain provides an overview of the wellness concept and the role of culture in shaping health behavior. Chapters include cultural assessments and action plans for physical fitness, smoking cessation, healthy eating, weight management, alcohol use, accident prevention, stress management and quality relationships. The final chapter offers an outline for designing a health promotion program for a worksite or for an entire community. The appendix features a bibliography of suggested health and wellness resource books.

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Table of Contents
A New and Exciting Approach to Health
Beyond Illness Medicine
Checking Your Peronal and Cultural Health Status
Taking Charge of Your Life and Health
Changing Our Smoking Culture
How to Become an Intelligent Eater

How to Stay Slim for Life
Drinking for the Thinking Person
How Not to be Accident Prone
Living Relaxed
How to Get Along with Yourself and Others
Lifegain in Your Organization or Community
A Brief Annotated Bibliography

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