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The Organizational Unscionscious Book Cover

The Organizational Unconscious: Creating the Corporate Culture You Want and Need
By Robert F. Allen, Charlotte Kraft, Judd Allen and Barry Certner

A thorough and practical guide to culture change in organizational settings. The Organizational Unconscious features chapters on cultural analysis, open organizations, teamwork, small group development, the role of leadership, organizational ethics, burnout prevention and absenteeism. Case studies are provided for health care settings, manufacturing facilities, distribution facilities and retail outlets. The Organizational Unconscious also describes two successful community service projects dedicated to litter reduction and to creating healthier communities. The appendices include a Cultural Norm Indicator for Organizations, a Cultural Norm Indicator for Leadership and an Organizational Ethics Questionnaire.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Discovering Your Organization's Unsconscious
Chapter 2: A Prescription for Change
Chapter 3: Guidelines that Humanize
Chapter 4: Tools for Understanding Organizaitonal Cultures
Chapter 5: The Open Organization
Chapter 6: Building Support through Small Groups
Chapter 7: The Leadership Role
Chapter 8: Organizational Ethics: The Cultural View

Chapter 9: The Absenteeism Culture: Becoming Attendance Oriented
Chapter 10: Treating Corporations as Cultures: Five Cases
Chapter 11: Quality of Work Life: A Cure for Hospitals
Chapter 12: Litter Reduction: Treating the "Common Cold" of the Environment
Chapter 13: Health Promotion: Generating Wellness Lifestyles
Chapter 14: Shaping the Future and Ourselves
A Biography for Cultural Change

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