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By Judd Allen, Ph.D. with assistance from Colleen Web, MA and Gillian Pieper, MA

WellnessNow is a new strategy for making the local healthy choice the easy choice. Wellness is happening around us, but it is often hard to find. WellnessNow is a local wellness directory that makes it easier for people to take full advantage of local opportunities to get fit, eat well, manage stress, volunteer, find a wellness professional, enjoy family activities and form health-oriented friendships. Offering WellnessNow is a great way to help your people easily locate and use the many great wellness resources that already exist. By connecting people with these opportunities, you also are helping to build a healthier community. By engaging your people, WellnessNow captures their experience and wisdom—helping them foster a wellness culture. User-submitted reviews and new listings are moderated to ensure quality and accuracy. We know that each business, community organization, neighborhood, city, town and community is unique. We will work with you to tailor a WellnessNow that reflects your culture and needs. WellnessNow can serve a single organization, many association members or an entire community.

$2,000 includes online survey and report.

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