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Wellness Leadership Training Manual Cover

Wellness Leadership Book Cover

Wellness Leadership Training

By Judd Allen, Ph.D.

Executives, managers, supervisors and wellness committee members must play important roles in fostering healthier and more productive cultural environments. This online training help organizational leaders to support health and wellness initiatives. The resources teach four primary leadership responsibilities that are applicable in a wide array of settings including businesses, schools, community organizations and government agencies:

  • Sharing the wellness vision
  • Serving as a role model
  • Aligning cultural touch points
  • Monitoring and Celebrating success

Participants learn how to share the wellness vision including why it is important and how employees can participate. Organizational leaders also learn how to become more effective role models for lifestyle improvement. In addition, the participants develop strategies for aligning formal and informal cultural touch points (such as rewards, communication and training) to create a supportive work environment. The training also helps leaders develop a plan for tracking the wellness initiative’s impact and for celebrating success. This is an applied training. The course includes reading, video testimonials and expert feedback on written assignments. Participants e-mail reports about their leadership efforts for feedback. Each of the six online course units takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

The training cost is $95 per participant. Registration includes a copy of the Wellness Leadership book. Group enrollment discounts are available.

$95. Call (802) 862-8855 for volume pricing or to schedule Classroom-Style Training.

Recommended follow up tool:
The Lead Well Action Tracker tracks and celebrates managers' and wellness champions' efforts to foster healthy cultures.

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