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Wellness Mentor Training Manual  Cover

Healthy Habits, Helpful Friends Book Cover

Wellness Mentor Training®

By Judd Allen, Ph.D.

Online Wellness Mentor Training dramatically improves lifestyle change success rates by increasing the quality and quantity of peer support for long-term behavior change. Wellness Mentor Training increases knowledge and a builds a supportive culture by teaching state-of-the-science peer support skills. The course includes reading, movie testimonials and expert feedback on written assignments. Participants e-mail reports about their peer support efforts for feedback. Each of the course units takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. There are eight training units:

  • Establishing Trust and Openness. Effective mentors need to be able to maintain confidentiality and to quickly develop a relationship that is based on mutual understanding.
  • Defining the Wellness Mentor Concept. The term mentor can mean a lot of things. Therefore, it is important to come up with definitions that express the true vision of peer support and how the mentor role differs from other more familiar roles such as friend, therapist or teacher.
  • Setting Goals. Mentors learn how to establish priorities and to recognize progress using a stage of change framework.
  • Identifying Role Models. Mentors learn how to find appropriate role models that will share their success experiences to inform and inspire.
  • Eliminating Barriers. Lack of time, money and confidence can stand in the way of success. Mentors learn creative approaches useful for overcoming barriers to change.
  • Locating Supportive Environments. The right physical and social environments can make lasting lifestyle change easier to accomplish. Mentors learn how to identify supportive environments and to develop strategies for gaining access to such supportive environments and avoiding hostile settings.
  • Working Through Relapse. The path to successful lifestyle change is not always a straight line. Mentors learn how to help someone to reassess goals and strategies to get back on track.
  • Celebrating Success. Positive behavior should have its rewards. Mentors learn how to develop fun and meaningful celebrations throughout the lifestyle change process.

Registration includes a copy of the Healthy Habits, Helpful Friends book. Group enrollment discounts are available.

$95. Call (802) 862-8855 for volume pricing or to schedule Classroom-Style Training.

Recommended follow up tool:
The Well Buddy Action Tracker tracks and celebrates peer support for achieving healthy lifestyle goals.

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