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Lifegain Wellness Culture Survey
By Judd Allen, Ph.D. with assistance from Rodney McCormick, Ph.D.

The Lifegain Wellness Culture Survey is a standardized survey instrument that measures cultural support for healthy lifestyles and employee lifestyle improvement efforts. The brief survey is ideal for evaluating and planning wellness programs. It is completed online, usually in less than five minutes. Survey results are presented in an 20+ page report. The report highlights cultural strengths, opportunities for improvement and recommends steps that can be taken to create a more supportive cultural environment.

$2,000 includes online survey and report.

Cultural Measures The survey measures existing and desired cultural norms. This information assists in assessing and prioritizing norm goals. In addition, the survey examines peer support at work and at home. Informal and formal cultural touch points such as rewards, communication, training and confrontation are examined. The Lifegain Health Culture Audit also examines work climate factors such as sense of community, shared vision and positive outlook.

Performance and Programmatic Measures Employees report on their current lifestyle change efforts and their level success in achieving lifestyle change goals.

Sample Culture Questions Employees are asked to indicate their level of agreement to statements that reflect a healthy culture. Samples statements follow:

  1. My immediate supervisor models a healthy lifestyle.
  2. My workplace demonstrates its commitment to supporting healthy lifestyles through its use of resources such as time, space and money.
  3. People in my work unit are taught skills needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  4. In my work unit, people are rewarded and recognized for efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.
  5. My work unit has a positive outlook (for example, people enjoy their work, celebrate accomplishments, adopt a "we can do it" attitude and bring out the best in each other).
  6. My immediate coworkers support one another's efforts to adopt healthier lifestyle practices.
  7. It is normal in my work unit to come to work rested.

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