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Wellness Leadership Movie Cover

Wellness Leadership
Produced by: The Human Resources Institute in cooperation with Vermont Public Television, Will Gallie and The Wellness Councils of America.

Executives, managers, supervisors and wellness committee members can play important roles in supporting wellness cultures. Their support can determine the success of workplace health promotion and wellness initiatives. This movie offers specific leadership strategies and begins a dialogue about the appropriate role of management in creating healthier and more productive cultures. Leaders discuss their roles in sharing the wellness vision, serving as effective role models, gaining resource commitment and celebrating success.


$95 plus $5 shipping and handling.

Features The 14-minute Wellness Leadership video features testimonials from top executives, managers and supervisors at Johnson & Johnson, Seagate Technologies, Union Pacific Railroad, John Alden Life Insurance, Central State Indemnity, the University of Vermont and Buffett, Taylor & Associates.

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