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Work Climate Survey
By Judd Allen, Ph.D. with assistance from Rodney McCormick, Ph.D.

The Work Climate Survey assesses the culture's capacity to support individual, group and organizational growth. Work climate is the cultural equivalent of yeast in bread making. A sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook hold groups and organizations together. These qualities also help the culture and its members to grow. Work climate helps determine morale, job stress, recruitment, turnover, organizational learning, teamwork, employee health and productivity. In addition, workplace diversity and work/life balance goals are more easily reached with a healthy work climate.

A Culture Change Sourcebook chapter reprint explains the research that formed the basis for the Work Climate Survey.

$2,000 includes online survey and report.

Features Employees indicate their level of agreement that a sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook exist in their work group. Answering the 16 questions takes less than 10 minutes. Employees can complete the survey online or you can print out copies of the one-page survey and have someone enter the data from the completed paper surveys. A 15-page Work Climate Report shares specific recommendations useful for creating a healthier and more productive work environment. And, the report discusses the statistical validity and reliability of your survey findings.

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The Work Climate Training empowers employees to understand the results of the Work Climate Survey. Participants develop an action plan for developing a healthier and more productive work environment.

The 15-minute Working Well Movie features testimonials from four diverse work groups that have successfully integrated a sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook into their organizational cultures. The Resource Guide features worksheets and instructions for organizing team meetings and workshops designed to enhance the work climate.

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