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Work Climate Grahpic

Work Climate Training

A sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook hold groups and organizations together. These qualities also help the culture and its members to grow. Work climate helps determine morale, job stress, recruitment, turnover, organizational learning, teamwork, employee health and productivity. In addition, workplace diversity and work/life balance goals are more easily reached with a healthy work climate. This training is about creating a healthier and more productive work climate. It helps participants to plan actions that strengthens the three work climate factors. It utilizes Work Climate Survey findings to set goals and to determine the best strategies for successful change. The Work Climate Training is available in an online, webinar, and classroom formats.

Online training is $95. It is recommeded that the training be conducted after completing the Work Climate Survey. Additional participants for the same work group are $95. Call (802) 862-8855 for volume pricing or to schedule Classroom-Style Training.

The Work Climate Training is available in a classroom style format (Webinar or Live) for $2,000. It is recommeded that the training be conducted after completing the Work Climate Survey. Call (802) 862-8855 to schedule the training.

The training agenda is:

  • What work climate is and why it is important
  • A sense of community.
  • A shared vision
  • A Positive Outlook

The online Work Climate Training utilizes streaming movie clips, an online Work Climate Survey, readings and e-mail feedback to assist managers and supervisors in their efforts to create a healthier and more productive work atmosphere. This self-paced course includes expert feedback on course assignments. Participants develop strategies for addressing work climate issues that they have identified with their work group. The training includes reading and expert feedback on written assignments. Participants e-mail reports about their efforts to improve the work climate for feedback. Each of theĀ for training units takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Recommended follow up tool:
The Well Engaged Action Tracker tracks and celebrates efforts to strengthen the social fabric of a workgroup (e.g., sense of community, shared organizational vision, and positive outlook).

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