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Ordering. There are four ordering options: online, mail, fax and phone. Mail or fax our Healthyculture.com Order Form. For phone orders call (802) 862-8855. Forms of payment include VISA, MasterCard, American Express and check made payable to the Human Resources Institute, LLC. If you plan to order more than one of the same product or service, please call about volume discounts.

Our products have been field-tested and are based upon sound research and our commitment to achieve lasting and positive results. We realize that each culture is unique and so are the goals of our customers. Therefore, we frequently tailor our products. Please contact us to discuss how we can address your specific concerns.

Many of our products and services focus on creating cultural support for wellness and healthy lifestyles. These are organized into toolkits addressing leadership support, peer support, household support. We have also developed a certification program, called Wellness Culture Coaching. The coaches are trained to use the toolkits and are supported in adapting the toolkits for their professional practices. So, for example, a Wellness Culture Coach is provided an online training platform for delivering the Wellness Leadership Training. The Wellness Culture Coach is also trained to conduct surveys and classroom-style training.

A number of our products and services focus on organizational and community development. Until the 1980s, the Human Resources Institute was a consulting company. Our projects dealt with broad social problems such as poverty, mental illness, racism, litter, delinquency and crime. We also addressed business problems such as productivity, absenteeism, customer service, quality improvement, morale, teamwork and organizational ethics. We developed the Normative Systems Culture Change model and applied this broad framework to addressing business and community problems. The Culture Change Planner explains this approach. The books, Beat the System and The Organizational Unconscious features case studies. An online Culture Change Training has been created to support the development of culture change projects in community and organizational settings. 

The Social Climate Toolkit focuses on cultural attributes that are important to both individual health and organizational outcomes. Three climate factors – a sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook – are important to individual and organizational growth. The Work Climate Survey, the Working Well Movie and the Work Climate Training all address these three work climate factors.

We welcome suggestions for new products and services as well as suggestions for how we can improve existing resources.

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