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Healthy Culture Action Trackers are online tools that track and reward efforts to create health-supporting cultures within workgroups. They guide employees’ and leaders’ efforts to align values, norms, policies, and practices with wellness. Action trackers mobilize natural peer, household, and community support for healthy lifestyles. Each action tracker is optimized for smart phones, tablets and computers. Participants record their actions, and then see a progress report on their actions to date and how their efforts compare with their peers. Depending on the number of actions they achieve, participants receive bronze, silver and gold awards. Aggregate data and reports make it possible to track actions at the organizational level. It is also possible to generate descriptions and photos associated with best practices for each action. Learn more...

The Worksite Wellness StrengthsBuilder features 81 possible actions that an organization can take to foster an environment that supports wellness. These items are organized into nine categories: (1) physical activity, (2) healthy eating, (3) addictions, (4) emotional and spiritual wellness, (5) work/life balance, (6) medical self-care, (7) safety, (8) organizational alignment with wellness, and (9) human resource functions. The Worksite Wellness StrengthsBuilder is not a “more is better” checklist. Rather, the strengths-based approach involves selecting new opportunities that fit with existing strengths and goals. The paper version of the instrument supports conversations about wellness program planning. Those completing the online version receive an instant snapshot report that highlights existing strengths and discusses strategies for building on those program strengths. We will also be offering comprehensive Worksite Wellness StrengthsBuilder reports that include case studies, scientific literature reviews, and contact information for professionals who are willing to share what they’ve learned through implementing programs within their organizations.
The Personal Wellness StrengthsBuilder helps set people up for success by asking about their lifestyle goals and identifying personal skills, knowledge and support systems available for achieving those goals. This instrument is available in both an online and paper format and is an excellent addition to coaching and counseling work with individuals. Both versions of the Personal Wellness StrengthsBuilder take approximately 15 minutes to complete and offer helpful suggestions on how to use strengths and support systems to achieve personal goals. The online version tailors recommendations to participant goals and strengths. It also aggregates the data for wellness program planning and evaluation, serving as a complement or substitute to traditional HRAs.

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