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Dr. Allen presents on creating healthier and more productive cultural environments (see biographical introduction). Each keynote, workshop, and webinar is tailored to the audience. Call Dr. Allen at (802) 862-8855 to discuss your needs. He can also be reached at JuddA@healthyculture.com. What follows Dr. Allen's most frequently requested presentation topics.


Presentation Title: Creating Cultural Support for Wellness
Abstract: Wellness holds great promise for each of us. Unfortunately, unsupportive cultures frequently undermine positive practices and our efforts to adopt healthier lifestyles. This presentation reviews research on why having a wellness culture is so important. It also defines culture and explores the impact of five cultural dimensions: shared values, norms, peer support, cultural touch points and the overall social climate. The presentation features field-tested culture change strategies as well as best practice examples.

Presentation Title: Wellness Culture Coaching
Abstract: This presentation defines a new role for those seeking to create supportive environments for healthy lifestyles. Wellness Culture Coaches are empowered to:

  • Coach leaders – including executives, managers and wellness committees – as they create healthier and more productive workplace cultures.
  • Coach peers – including family, friends and coworkers – as they provide mutual support for lifestyle improvement goals.
  • Coach housemates – including employees and the general public – so they can create wellness cultures at home.

The presentation examines core Wellness Culture Coaching skills and toolkits. It explores how personal coaches can add culture coaching to their practices and how Wellness Culture Coaching fits within the overall wellness program mix.

Presentation Title: Wellness Leadership: Engaging Management and Wellness Teams in the Creation of Supportive Environments
Abstract: Leadership is important to any successful organizational endeavor. This is especially true for a challenge as ambitious and complex as creating a wellness culture. This presentation is about engaging executives, managers, wellness committee members and other wellness champions in creating wellness cultures. It is about helping leaders to better understand and engage in four primary wellness leadership responsibilities:

  • Sharing the wellness program vision including why wellness is important and how employees can participate.
  • Serving as effective role models by making personal lifestyle improvements and by visibly participating in the wellness program.
  • Aligning cultural touch points including formal and informal policies and procedures such as rewards, training, orientation, scheduling, rituals and communication systems.
  • Monitoring and celebrating success so that individual and workgroup improvements can be acknowledged. 

Presentation Title: Mobilizing Peer Support for Wellness
Abstract: Family, friends and coworkers can learn how to effectively support one another in achieving lasting and positive lifestyle change. This presentation explores strategies for making peer support a driving force in a successful wellness program. The session examines primary peer support skills, including help with setting lifestyle goals, locating role models, eliminating barriers to change, locating supportive environments, working through relapse and celebrating success. We also examine the merits of various peer support training formats, including workshops, online training, integration into employee orientation and group games.  

Presentation Title: Reaching Home: How to Engage Employees in Creating Healthy Household Cultures
Abstract: Household cultures have the potential to play an important role in increasing the efficacy and reach of your health promotion programs. The home environment shapes behavior. Housemates are frequently covered by employer health plans, and their health affects your employees’ health and productivity. This presentation focuses on empowering employees to champion wellness at home. We’ll examine how employees can foster a shared vision for household wellness, adjust cultural influences such as traditions and rewards, mobilize peer support for lifestyle improvement and use healthy activities to strengthen relationships.

Presentation Title: Work Climate: The Bridge between Wellness and Organizational Success
Abstract: Three wellness qualities – a sense of community, a shared vision and a positive outlook – enhance organizational performance and individual health. Where they are noticeably absent, lifestyle improvement and organizational growth grind to a halt. This presentation teaches attendees how to assess cultural climate and how to use wellness programming to generate a cultural atmosphere that will delight employees, customers and shareholders.

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