New Initiatives

HealthyCultureNow is an online toolkit for cultivating a culture of well-being. It provides self-paced training opportunities for (1) human resource and wellness professionals, (2) managers, and (3) employees and other individual VIPs. Our training faculty are Judd Allen, PhD, Richard Safeer, MD and Gillian Pieper, MS.

Our new HealthyCultureNow Training Toolkit makes it possible to deliver our proven culture change strategies within your organization or client network at an affordable price. Learn how to start building your culture of well-being right now by taking the Well-being Culture Coach Training and Certification. This five-week training will empower you to plan and manage your organization’s efforts. You will also learn about HealthyCultureNow training that is available to managers and employees. This course, like all of our training, is available on the HealthyCultureNow website or the Kajabi app.