New Initiatives

The We Flourish book and management training promote mental health at work. Six broad categories of proactive mental health attitudes and behaviors are identified: (1) connection, (2) presence, (3) safety, (4) adaptability, (5) purpose, and (6) health behavior. A proactive mental health self-assessment empowers employees to set personal goals. The book and training also explains how to create supportive workgroup cultures for mental health by increasing peer support, aligning organizational policies and practices with mental health, establishing new mental health cultural norms, supporting purpose, and by improving the overall social climate.

HealthyCultureNow is an online toolkit for cultivating a culture of well-being. It provides self-paced training opportunities for (1) human resource and wellness professionals, (2) managers, and (3) employees and other individual VIPs. Our training faculty are Judd Allen, PhD, Richard Safeer, MD and Gillian Pieper, MS. We have greatly expanded our culture change training capacity. More than a dozen courses are now available with live instructors, via Zoom, and in an online self-paced course format.

Path Forward (funded by the Vermont Department of Education and the Vermont Education Health Initiative) is a school-based systematic culture change initiative for improving morale and well-being among teachers and staff.

The Safer Together Solution (STS) brings neighbors together with the local police to dramatically reduce crime and violence. STS is a culture change toolkit for city governments, police departments and district attorney’s offices. STS is based on sound social science methods that quickly and efficiently address emerging public safety concerns at the neighborhood level.

STS is based on the following successful programs:

  • The Clean Community System, which has successfully been applied in over 1,000 cities worldwide since 1976.
  • The Faith & Blue/Movement Forward initiative, operating in over 2,000 cities.
  • Research developed by the National Policing Institute on best policing practices across the country.

The STS toolkit includes:

  • Culture surveys, worksheets, guides, white papers, and PowerPoint templates that can be quickly tailored to a neighborhood’s goals.
  • Access to online orientations for police and neighbors.
  • Leadership training for STS coordinators and for task force members.
  • Zoom consulting hours with Judd Allen, PhD and Dean Esserman, JD for ongoing guidance, feedback and encouragement.